Chord and Diameter

The given semicircle has a diameter of 8 inches (segment \overline{CD}). Chord \overline{AB} is half the length and parallel to diameter \overline{CD}. Find the distance from the midpoint of chord \overline{AB} to the midpoint of diameter \overline{CD}.
Source: 1/21/2008


Let M be the midpoint of chord \overline{AB} \textup{ and }O the midpoint of diameter \overline{CD}. Since O is the midpoint of the diameter, O is the center of semicircle.

\triangle OAB is an equilateral triangle because OA=OB=AB=4 (OA \textup{ and }OB are radii of the semicircle).

\overline {OM} is perpendicular to \overline{AB} because O is equidistant from the endpoints of \overline{AB}.

Apply the Pythagorean theorem to the right \triangle OMB:
OM=\pm \sqrt{12}

Answer: 2\sqrt{3}.


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