Change For a Quarter

How many ways can you make change for a quarter?
Source: NCTM Mathematics Teacher

G. Polya in his book “How to Solve It” has a formula that calculates the number of ways to make change for a quarter equals 12.
1- dime \left (2\right ), penny \left (5\right )
2- dime \left (2\right ), nickel \left (1\right )
3- dime \left (1\right ), nickel \left (2\right ), penny \left (5\right )
4- dime \left (1\right ), nickel \left (3\right )
5- dime \left (1\right ), nickel \left (1\right ), penny \left (10\right )
6- dime \left (1\right ), penny \left (15\right )
7- nickel \left (5\right )
8- nickel \left (4\right ), penny \left (5\right )
9- nickel \left (3\right ), penny \left (10\right )
10- nickel \left (2\right ), penny \left (15\right )
11- nickel \left (1\right ), penny \left (20\right )
12- penny \left (25\right )

Answer: 12.

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Retired high school math teacher.
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